3 Idiots Chatur Aka Omi Vaidya Looks Different Now Actor Latest Photo Viral Fans Shocked Could Not Recognize Him

Now the whole look of 'Chatur' of 3 Idiots has changed, fans could not recognize Omi Vaidya in the photo, said - O miraculous man!

The look of Chatur of 3 Idiots has changed

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‘3 Idiots’ is one of the most memorable films of Bollywood. People like to watch this film even today. All the characters of the film 3 Idiots were famous, but Omi Vaidya, who played the role of ‘Chatur’ and ‘Silencer’ in the film, had made a special place in the hearts of people with his tremendous acting. Omi Vaidya’s speech given on stage in a scene of the film makes people laugh even today. It has been a long time since the release of this film which came in the year 2009 and in these years the look of our beloved ‘Chatur’ i.e. Omi Vaidya has also changed a lot. Some new pictures of Omi Vaidya have come to the fore, which are drawing people’s attention towards him.

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In the new photo of Omi Vaidya that has come out, his very stylish style is being seen. In this photo, Omi is seen posing for the camera in a very stylish style in a suit. Omi has shared his three black and white photos one after the other, in which his swag is worth seeing. Although these pictures are from a few months ago, people are showering love on it even today. Funny reactions of social media users are also being seen on these photos of Omi Vaidya.

Commenting on the photo of Chatur i.e. Omi Vaidya of 3 Idiots, a social media user has written, “O miraculous man where were you”. So another user wrote, “You look like the CEO who fired 900 employees on a zoom call”. While another user writes, “You are very underrated sir”. Seeing such reactions on Omi’s photo, it can be said that the fans are very happy to see him and they want to see him again on the big screen as soon as possible.

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