Air Hostess Misbehaved By Foreign Passenger On Delhi-Goa Flight, Asked To Sit Next To Her

Air hostess misbehaved by foreign passenger on Delhi-Goa flight, asked to sit next to her

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A case of misbehavior with the air hostess has come to light in the airplane of the airline Go First Air. On January 5, a foreign passenger misbehaved with the air hostess in a flight from Delhi to Goa. A foreign passenger asked the air hostess to sit near him and spoke obscenely.

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The airlines had handed over the foreign passenger to the CISF at the new airport in Goa. Airlines have also informed DGCA regarding this matter. What happened next in this case is not yet known.

This incident happened on the day the new airport was opened in Goa. The matter came to light on the same day that a man accused of urinating on a female co-passenger on an Air India flight from New York to New Delhi in November was sent to jail.

On November 26, Shankar Mishra allegedly unzipped his pants and urinated on an elderly woman in the business class of a New York-Delhi Air India flight. Later he requested the woman not to report the incident to the police. He had said that this would affect his wife and child.

Air India lodged a police complaint this week. Mishra was banned from flying for 30 days. Social media users expressed their displeasure on this and said that it is not enough. The police arrested Shankar Mishra from Bangalore on Friday night.

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