Another Blow To Inflation, CNG And PNG Prices Increased By Three Rupees

Another blow to inflation, CNG and PNG prices increased by three rupees

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New Delhi:

In the festive season, inflation has dealt another blow to the common man. CNG prices have increased in Delhi NCR. The price of CNG has increased by Rs 3 per kg. CNG will now get Rs 78 61 paise per kg instead of Rs 75 61 paise in Delhi. The price of CNG in Noida was Rs 78 17 paise, which has now increased to Rs 81 17 paise per kg. Talking about Gurugram, earlier there was a price of 83 rupees 94 paise, which has now become 89 rupees seven paise per kg. Apart from this, the prices of PNG have also increased by Rs.

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In Delhi, Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad and Gurugram, the price of PNG has been increased by Rs.

Inflation continues to hit the pockets of the common man. The prices of petrol, diesel, LPG are already taking a toll on the pockets of the common man. In such a situation, now in the festive season, the prices of CNG have also increased by three rupees.

A few days ago, the petroleum ministry had increased the price of natural gas by up to 40 percent. Since then it was feared that the prices of CNG would also increase in different cities in the country. When natural gas is expensive, the companies that manufacture CNG are under pressure to increase the prices.

First of all, Mahanagar Gas Limited in Mumbai had increased the prices two days ago. And now it has been decided to revise the prices in the cities where CNG is available in Delhi, Delhi NCR as well as in western Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan.

Transport is a major part of public transport which uses CNG. This will increase the cost of fuel in the vehicles. This will increase the freight which will further increase the inflation. Surely its effect will be visible in the times to come.

The increased prices of CNG will be applicable from 6 am on October 8. CNG will be sold at the new rate from 6 am on October 8.

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