Best Massage Oil For Baby In Winter | Baccho Ki Malish Ka Tel – Best Massage Oils: Massage the baby with these oils, then see how soon the baby will be super active


These are the best oils for babies. best massage oil for baby

mustard oil

Mustard oil massage is considered best in winter. Grandmothers also tell mustard oil is the best for small children. Mustard oil protects children from colds and infections and strengthens bones.


herb oil

Massaging children with herbal oil having medicinal properties can protect them from diseases, these natural things do not harm children’s skin in any way.

Badam oil

In winter, the skin of small children becomes dry, in such a situation, to keep the skin of the child soft, you should massage them with almond oil. Along with dryness, this oil also protects from infection.

olive oil

Olive oil is also considered best for massaging newborns. This makes the skin of the children soft and the bones strong.


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coconut oil

Small children also feel a lot of stiffness in the body, in such a situation coconut oil massage is known to relax their muscles. Along with this, this oil also gives relief from dryness of the skin.

Sesame oil

Sesame oil is also a great option for baby massage. This also improves blood circulation in children and makes children active.

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