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Bike Stunt: Boys openly did such a stunt on the road, you will get goosebumps

The boys did such a stunt openly on the road, the onlookers were left watching

Bike Par Ladko Ka Stunts: Nowadays, seeing stunts in films, people are seen trying to repeat the same stunts on the streets. In fact, the competition to become famous on social media has become such that, in the wake of these stunts, people even forget that it can put their lives in danger. Recently, a video of a person doing stunts with a car went viral, seeing which the users were also surprised. Once again a video of three boys doing dangerous stunts with a bike has surfaced, seeing which everyone is getting shocked.

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heart wrenching video

In the beginning of this video shared on Instagram, three boys are seen sitting on a bike in the dark of night. It can be seen in the video that neither he is wearing a helmet nor has he taken care of any safety. Performing stunts openly on the streets of the city at night, this boy manages to make the bike stand on only one wheel after a while. He is seen riding the bike at full speed by parking the bike on the rear wheel. Two boys are seen sitting behind on the bike. The boys are almost touching the ground. Your heart will start beating fast after watching the video, so that no accident happens.

Users gave different reactions

This video is being seen again and again on social media, while users are cursing and making fun of these boys for their actions. One user wrote, ‘Please brother don’t do this, life is very precious.’ While another user wrote, ‘What happened in the end? All three are left’, while another user wrote, ‘Brother, do you act like this, think about your family members too.’

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