Counting Of Votes In Three Northeastern States On Thursday, Country’s Eye On The Election Results Of Tripura

Counting of votes in three northeastern states today, the whole country is eyeing the election results of Tripura

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  • Will the Left make a comeback in Tripura after 5 years?
  • Possibility of post-poll alliance between BJP and NPP
  • Rahul Gandhi did a rally in Meghalaya

New Delhi:

A lot is at stake for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the three electoral states of the Northeast. The election results of these states will be out today which will indicate whether the BJP has strengthened its foothold in Tripura since wresting its bastion from the Left in 2018. It will also be clear from the election results whether the BJP, which is in power in most of the North-Eastern states, has been able to strengthen its presence in Meghalaya and Nagaland or whether the opposition has been able to make a dent in its influence.

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Among the three states, Tripura is such a state on which everyone’s eyes are on at the national level because ideologically it is considered very important for the BJP to win here. It is also significant because the traditional rivals Congress and the Left have joined hands for the first time to challenge the BJP in the elections to the state’s 60-member assembly. In this fight between the national parties, Tipra Motha led by Pradyot Debbarma has also emerged as a dominant force in the politics of the state.

Its influence among a large section of the tribal population has troubled the traditional parties. Its founder Debbarma is a descendant of the erstwhile royal family and is considered to have a significant influence among the tribal population of the state. In the last election, the BJP and its ally, the Indigenous People’s Front of Tripura (IPFT), had done well in the tribal areas. In the last election, BJP had won 36 seats and IPFT eight. After the demise of IPFT founder NC Debbarma, it is believed that the influence of the party has decreased. In such a situation, the burden of getting a majority is largely on the shoulders of the BJP, while its two main rivals have united.

In Tripura, which had been a bastion of Left parties for two decades, the BJP had registered a resounding victory in 2018 and snatched this fort from it. In the previous elections held in 2013, the BJP could not win a single seat. However, the BJP’s astonishing rise in 2018 was projected by the party as an ideological victory over its rivals. In such a situation, if the BJP loses here, it will be seen as a setback. Tripura may have a relatively minor impact on the national scene. In both Meghalaya and Nagaland, regional parties continue to be big players, while the BJP, with all its top leaders including Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah, has made inroads in the states. launched a vigorous campaign for

For the first time, the BJP is contesting all 60 seats in Meghalaya and has been relentlessly targeting National People’s Party leader and Chief Minister Conrad Sangma for running the country’s “most corrupt” state government. In Meghalaya, the BJP was a partner in the Sangma-led government but broke the alliance before the elections. The party hopes to increase its strength in the assembly and increase the number of MLAs by more than four times. After the last election, there was a hung assembly and this time also a similar possibility is being expressed.

Himanta Biswa Sarma, the BJP’s strategist for the northeastern region and chief minister of Assam, had met Sangma after the elections and indicated that the two parties could work together again. An interesting aspect of these elections is the Trinamool Congress led by West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. The ruling party of Bengal has also thrown full force in these elections and its effort has been to present itself as a stronger rival against the BJP than the Congress. It will be interesting to see how much this effort of Banerjee bears fruit before the Lok Sabha elections.

Congress has also launched a massive campaign in these states. Rahul Gandhi has held a rally in Meghalaya. Congress tried to regain its lost influence. In Nagaland BJP has again contested in alliance with NDPP. Sharma on Tuesday claimed that there would be no hung assembly in Tripura, Nagaland or Meghalaya and the BJP-led NDA would form the government with absolute majority in all the three northeastern states. Most of the post-poll polls have predicted a hung assembly in Meghalaya.

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