Dance Floor Collapsed In A Wedding Guests Buried In The Ground Then Cameraman Did Something Shocking Video Viral

The guests were dancing at the wedding, then the ground slipped and all the baratis got buried in the ground, the cameraman again did something like this, people said - someone stop it

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New Delhi :

One gets to see something strange in marriages. Some incidents that happen in marriage are remembered by people for a lifetime. Some incidents are so scary that people’s soul trembles on remembering them. We have brought one such soul-stirring video for you in today’s post. This video is spreading like fire on the internet. After watching this video, people are unable to stop themselves from commenting on the cameraman.

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In the video you can see that there is an atmosphere of celebration and all the guests are dancing on the dance floor. Then suddenly such an incident happens that everyone is left stunned. Actually, due to the weight of the people, the ground slips and all the baraatis dancing on the dance floor get buried in the ground. The atmosphere suddenly becomes serious, but during this time people are unable to control their laughter after seeing the way the cameraman is engaged in making videos with dedication. They are continuously commenting on the cameraman in the comment section.

Commenting on the video, a user wrote, “The cameraman did not forget his duty”. So there another user has written, “The cameraman always remains the cameraman”. In this way, tremendous reactions of people are coming on the video. They are also liking and sharing it fiercely. How do you like this video? Do tell us by commenting.

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