Draft Prepared To Decriminalize Some Provisions Of 42 Laws Including Environment, IT, Motor Vehicle Act, PMLA

Draft prepared to decriminalize some provisions of 42 laws including Environment, IT, Motor Vehicle Act, PMLA

New Delhi:

The Joint Parliamentary Committee on Public Trust Bill – JPC finalized its draft report on Monday. Through the Jan Vishwas Bill, 183 offenses in 42 central laws will be decriminalized. This will make Ease of Doing Business and Ease of Living easier. There is a provision for crimes in many laws since the British era. Which is now ready to be reduced. The areas in which there is preparation for change in the provisions of the laws include Environment, IT, Motor Vehicle Act, PMLA.

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Significantly, begging on the railway platform is a crime and there is a provision of punishment for it up to six months. JPC has consulted 19 different ministries to improve these laws. Interestingly, there is a reform in the PMLA as well which the ED is opposing. There is a proposal to decriminalize the provisions of PMLA, which the ED opposed saying that this would reduce the power of the investigating agency.

In the Jan Vishwas Bill, there is a provision of fine instead of punishment in many crimes. With this, common people and businessmen will get ease in their work. Decriminalizing will also reduce the burden of the courts and will also help in reducing the crowd in the jails.

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