Due To Computer Glitch Flights Across US Grounded – Air operations start slowly in US after technical fault, more than 5 thousand flights affected

At least 5,400 flights were delayed and more than 550 canceled in the US on Wednesday, according to online flight tracker FlightAware. Additional 100 flights have also been cancelled. According to the news agency AP – a total of 21 thousand flights are going to take off from America on Wednesday. Most are domestic flights. Apart from these, 1,840 international flights are about to land in the US. It is affecting them too. System is being restored gradually. However, America has clearly denied the cyber attack.

Biden held an emergency meeting
President Joe Biden gave a briefing to the media after the emergency meeting in this matter. Biden said- ‘All aircraft can do safe landing. Yes, it is a matter of course that right now we cannot give them permission to take off. At the moment, it is difficult to even say what is the reason for this big problem. We hope that after a few hours we will get detailed information about this. I myself am monitoring this matter.

NOTAM has failed
Federal Aviation Agency said- NOTAM (Notice to Air Missions) system has ‘failed’. FAA said in a new statement – ​​This happened due to a technical fault in the computer system. Malfunction has been detected. Trying to restore flight operations soon.

This work is done by NOTAM
NOTAM is the most important part of the entire flight operation. It is only through this that flights get information about takeoff or landing. NOTAM takes real time data and gives it to Airport Operations or Air Traffic Control (ATC). After this ATC transmits it to the pilots.

Denied cyber attack
For the first time in American history, the statement of the White House also came after such a major technical fault. According to NBC News, President Joe Biden has sought a report from the FAA in the entire matter. Press Secretary Karin Jean Pierre said- ‘Transportation Secretary met President Joe Biden some time ago. He has informed the President about this problem. Based on the investigation so far, we can say that it is not a case of cyber attack, but the President has ordered a thorough and serious investigation into the matter and has sought a report.

Transport Minister Buttigieg said he is in contact with the FAA and is monitoring the situation. He said in a tweet, “The FAA is working to resolve this issue quickly and safely, so that air traffic can resume normal operations. The FAA will keep you updated.”

In the latest update on the situation in this regard, the FAA said, “The FAA is still working to fully restore the Notice to Air Mission system. Some work has come on track….

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