Election Commission Introducing Rvm Know What Is Remote Voting Machine Voters Can Vote From Anywhere In Country Know Details – What is RVM after all? Know why the opposition is raising questions?

New Delhi:

The Election Commission has come up with a new experiment regarding the voting of expatriates. For this, the Election Commission is working on Remote Voting Machine (RVM). The Election Commission has called political parties regarding remote voting machines. However, the opposition is against it. Political parties have also been asked to give opinion on issues such as necessary changes in the law for the use of remote voting machines.

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Senior Congress leader Digvijaya Singh said that most of the opposition parties have decided to oppose the Election Commission’s proposal on Remote Electronic Voting Machines as it is incomplete and not complete.

According to the Election Commission, the remote voting machine will motivate voters living away from their constituency to vote. The Election Commission said that one of the major reasons behind the decrease in voting is the inability of domestic migrants to vote. If voters living far away from their constituency will get such facility.

For example, if a voter is born in Bihar and is living in Mumbai or any other place for some reason. In this situation, that voter is not able to vote. With the help of RVM, such voters will also be given the right to vote. Like EVM, RVM does not require any kind of internet or connectivity.

After the polling is over, this machine will go to the polling state to count the votes. However, many questions are yet to be answered by the Election Commission. Made by Electronics Corporation of India Limited. In this remote voting machine, voting can be done for 72 constituencies simultaneously.

Former Chief Election Commissioner SY Qureshi said that every question will be answered by the Election Commission. A demo was put up by the Election Commission. The Election Commission should not forcefully go against the political parties. Overseas Voters is a challenge to the commission. People should get the right to vote. The commission should talk to all the parties. In 2 places the name of the people should not be there in the voting list. But the question is what the voters want. For example, if people come and settle in Delhi and they get voting rights in their state, then the local government will not pay attention to it.

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