Expert Opinion On The Suicide Of Students In Kota Coaching Center – Is the pressure of coaching and competition proving fatal for children? Know the opinion of the expert

New Delhi:

17-18 years of age is the age to live life, not to die. Then what is the desperation that at this age some youth choose the darkest street in their most beautiful days. This question has arisen again today with the news of the suicide of three children in Kota. Once again, three students studying in coaching in Rajasthan’s Kota have allegedly committed suicide. Among the deceased students, 2 are from Bihar and one from Madhya Pradesh. Whose age was 16, 17 and 18 years.

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There is sadness in the coaching industry due to the incident of suicide of students in Kota. Parents believe that the way to become an engineer and doctor goes through quota. That’s why students from all over the country reach Kota to prepare for admission to these courses. Every year about one and a half to two lakh students turn to Kota. NDTV has spoken to Super 30 founder Anand Kumar and CAO of Vidyamandir Classes regarding the suicide of students.

Anand Kumar, the founder of Super 30, said, “This is a very sad incident. The amount of grief that can be expressed on this is less, because in whose house this incident happened. What must be going on their parents. During this crisis But it is very difficult to speak. But such incidents happen because there is pressure on children. Pressure from a society, pressure from friends and pressure from others. If they are preparing for medical, preparing for engineering, then I Should also do it. Now the interest of the children is not that much. There is not that much inclination in that subject. The student feels the pressure. He feels again and again that our parents have sent us so hard. I will show you, my friends What will I answer?”

Saurabh Kumar, CAO of Vidyamandir Classes, said, “First of all, I express my grief over this incident and sympathize with the families in whose homes this incident happened. Usually, there are no admissions in the institutions without tests. The world’s great psychologists give three reasons for suicide, in which the first reason is mood swing or depression. The second reason is feeling that something has been tapped. Loss is happening or third you can say. Taking drugs. , Which is not applicable in the case of children. When children go away from their parents in Kota or any city, they are not able to share their heart. They do not have any companion who can solve their problems. Can listen. This can happen in any city, then there the child comes under pressure. Life is paramount. Nothing is above life.”

Super 30 founder Anand Kumar said that there are many ways ahead. Now the CEO of Vidya Mandir has rightly told that it should always be thought in every life that any exam is not the last task of life. Opportunities come not once or twice but many times in life. The first thing should be like understanding this. Secondly, I believe that there should be a system in the coaching institute so that such incidents do not recur. Children should be counselled. So that they can be saved from suicide.

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