G20 Foreign Ministers Meeting: No Consensus On Issuing A Joint Statement

In the meeting of G20 foreign ministers, there was no agreement on issuing a joint statement, know where the screw got stuck

There was no consensus on issuing a joint statement in the meeting of the G20 foreign ministers.

New Delhi:

G20 foreign ministers met on Thursday The meeting failed to issue a joint statement due to sharp differences between the West and Russia over the Ukraine conflict, while host country India made sustained efforts to build a consensus. At the same time, in this regard, the spokesperson of UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres in the United Nations said that this is not the lack of efforts of India as host, but the result of increasing ‘differences’ between countries at the international level. The meeting, chaired by India, adopted the Presidency Summary and Outcome Document, which listed several key priorities of the group, such as food/food, energy and fertilisers.

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Agreed on concerns related to developing countries
Foreign Minister S. JaishankarTold at a press conference that there were differences on the Ukraine conflict and because of this the meeting did not agree on a joint statement, but added that there was agreement on most issues, especially concerns related to developing countries. Jaishankar said, “If everyone had the same views on all issues, a common statement would have been issued, but there are some issues and I think those issues, I will say clearly, are related to the Ukraine conflict, on which there are differences.” He said, “So on most of the issues, we were able to make a summary and result document. The summary was made because there are differences on the issue of Ukraine and due to this the parties having different views could not come to an agreement.

thoughts were divided into two poles
While Jaishankar did not name the countries that objected to the two paragraphs, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken told a press conference that Russia and China did not support the joint press release. He said that there were differences on the issue of Ukraine, on which a situation of reconciliation could not be created. Several diplomats said the Ukraine conflict has seen deep divisions between the US-led Western world and Russia-China. Jaishankar said that the views on this issue were divided into two poles. The External Affairs Minister said that the outcome document of the G20 reflects the resolve of the G20 to deal with the current global challenges. He said that consensus was reached on many issues in the meeting.

Terrorism categorically condemned
The chairmanship summary and outcome document contained two paragraphs on the Ukraine conflict, but also stated that all countries except Russia and China agreed to it. He said that these two paragraphs were taken from the declaration of Bali conference of G20. One of these paragraphs reads, “It is necessary to uphold international law and the multilateral system, which provide security to peace and stability.” This includes the defense of all purposes and principles enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations and the observance of international humanitarian law, including the protection of civilians and infrastructure in armed conflicts.” It added, “The use or threat of use of nuclear weapons is unacceptable. . Peaceful resolution of conflicts, crisis management efforts, and diplomacy and dialogue are important. Today’s era should not be of war. ”””” He said that terrorism was clearly condemned in the meeting. “It is our endeavor to make the voice of the ‘Global South’ heard,” Jaishankar said in a video message at the beginning of the meeting. Prime Minister Narendra Modi Called for building consensus on burning global challenges and not allowing differences on geopolitical tensions to affect the wider cooperation of the group.

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