Remedies For Ants: If you are troubled by ants, then try this panacea recipe to get rid of ants, all ants will disappear

Get rid of ants: With the increase of summer, the problem of ants increases in the houses. Sometimes ants get stuck in some food and drink, and sometimes they even reach clothes or beds. Even though the ant is small in appearance, but the allergy or pain caused by its bite is quite troubling. In such a situation, it is necessary that effective control should be done on the ants in the houses. Here we are going to tell you some such easy home remedies, by trying which you can get rid of the problem of ants.

If you are troubled by ants, then follow these home remedies. Home remedies for ants


Camphor, which is used to burn during worship, is the most effective way to control ants. By keeping camphor in clothes shelves and beds, its fragrance spreads there and due to this smell ants do not come there.


Salt is such a thing that lives in the kitchen of every house. All you have to do is boil the water by adding a lot of salt to it. When it cools down, fill it in a sprayer. Spray this water where the problem of ants is more. Spray this water at the entry points of ants as well.


Clove is also being used for years to drive away ants and insects. This remedy is also very effective. Cloves can be placed at all possible places of ants. It can also be kept in food boxes. The smell of cloves is very strong, due to which ants do not come near.


Various chemical-rich chalks are available in the market to drive away the ants. But if you do not want to use them, then ordinary chalk can also control ants. Actually, calcium carbonate is found in chalk. Because of this, the ants stay away from it and the line drawn with the chalk becomes Lakshman Rekha for the ants, which they cannot cross.


If the number of ants is very high, sprinkle a little chili powder in that place. The ants will disappear immediately and will not come to that place again.

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