Bihar News: Hooch Tragedy In Chhapra (Bihar), Several Dead

Let us tell you, there is liquor ban in Bihar, where buying and selling and consumption of liquor is illegal.

Vijendra Rai, Harendra Ram, Ramji Sah, Amit Ranjan, Sanjay Singh, Kunal Singh, Ajay Giri, Mukesh Sharma, Bharat Ram, Jaidev Singh, Manoj Ram, Mangal Rai, Nasir Hussain, Ramesh who died after consuming spurious liquor. Ram, Chandrama Ram, Vicky Mahto and Govind Rai

Liquor supplier Ramji Sah is also among the dead. Apart from this, Noor Hasan Ansari and two others were referred to Patna, they died on the way.

After getting information about the incident, there was hue and cry in the village, while there was a stir in the district administration.

A young man named Amit died during treatment at Chhapra Sadar Hospital. After getting information about Amit Ranjan’s death, the district police force reached Chhapra Sadar Hospital. After this, the police took his dead body in their possession. According to the police, the post-mortem of the dead body will be done now, so that information about the cause of death can be obtained.

Where the relatives are telling the poisonous liquor behind this accident, the administration has not yet confirmed it.

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