How Did US President Joe Biden Reach Kiev In The Middle Of The War Know Here know here

How did US President Joe Biden reach Kiev in the middle of the war?  know here

Joe Biden last came to the capital of Ukraine when he was the Vice President.


US President Joe Biden’s visit to Ukraine is garnering a lot of headlines. Biden’s war-time visit suddenly began at midnight on Monday morning at a military airport hangar outside Washington. Joe Biden boarded an Air Force Boeing 757, better known as the C-32. This aircraft is used for international visits of the US President. Fifteen minutes later, Biden, some security personnel, a small medical team, close advisers, and two journalists set out on a journey through the war zone.

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Wherever the American President goes, every word he says in public is recorded and published. The Wall Street Journal reporter, Sabrina Siddiqui, revealed – once given permission by the White House to publish the details. He and the photographer were then summoned to Joint Base Andrews outside Washington at 2:15 am. During this, their phones were confiscated till then. Until Biden arrived in Ukraine’s capital about 24 hours later.

He flew for about seven hours from Washington to the US military base in Ramstein, Germany, to refuel. Here also the window shade of his plane remained down and he did not even come out of the plane. His next flight was to Poland, landing at Rzeszow-Jecionka airport. Which has also become an international center for arms and ammunition worth billions of dollars since the Ukraine war.

Even at this point, Siddiqui and the photographer, The Associated Press’ Evan Vucci, had not seen Biden himself. Reporters traveling with Biden often go on motorcycles, but this time was very different. There was not even a siren to announce that the US President was on his way to Przemysl GÅ‚ony, a Polish train station near the Ukrainian border.

It was 9:15 pm local time, when they stayed in a train. Then the journalists were asked to board. There were about eight cars in the train. Most of the people on board were “heavy security”, Siddiqui said. This 10-hour trip to Ukraine was unlike any other US President has ever taken. Traveling to an active war zone, where US troops are not present to provide security, unlike presidential visits to Afghanistan or Iraq.

The train entered Kiev with the rising sun. When Joe Biden last visited Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, he was serving as the Vice President in Barack Obama’s government. This time it was 8:07 in the morning when he reached Kiev as the American President. “It’s good to be back in Kiev,” Joe Biden said upon arrival.

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