In Over Excitement, This Cute Little Girl Ruined Her Own Birthday Cake, Users Reacted Like This On Social Media Ndtv Hindi Ndtv India

For small children, their birthday is the most special day, because on this day, not only parents, but only they get the attention of the whole family, friends and relatives. Along with this, cakes and chocolates are not only available to eat, but many gifts are also available. In such a situation, it is also inevitable for children to become over-excited. In such over excitement, a girl ruined her birthday cake. Now seeing this video on social media, some people are laughing, while some people remembered their childhood.

cake scraps

In this video shared on Instagram, a cute little girl is seen, who looks super excited for her birthday wearing a pink colored frock. Pink color balloons are seen in her birthday party with panda theme. Also, a beautifully decorated cake is seen placed on the table. The girl gets so excited to see her birthday cake that she jumps and wants to have a glimpse of it, but then something happens that everyone is shocked. Actually, the girl jumps by placing her hand on the table to see the cake, only then the cake falls down with a bang.

Users remembered childhood

The video of this little girl’s innocent mistake is being seen a lot on social media. Seeing this video, many users are also remembering their childhood. One user wrote, Birthday is not the happiest day in many families, but the most difficult day in the life of children, don’t touch the decorations, don’t get your dress and hair dirty. At the same time, a user wrote, this used to happen to me too in my childhood.

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