Lt Gen Upendra Dwivedi’s Statement On PoK Ready For Every Order From The Center

New Delhi:

Northern Army Commander Lieutenant General Upendra Dwivedi said on Tuesday that the Indian Army is ready to carry out orders like taking back Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. He said the Indian Army is ready to carry out any orders of the government regarding PoK. Northern Army Commander Lt Gen Dwivedi said, “The Army is always ready to ensure that the ceasefire does not break down as it It is in the interest of both the countries, but if it is broken from across the border, we will give them a befitting reply.”

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Upendra Dwivedi said that after the abrogation of provisions of Article 370 in August 2019, there has been a sea change in the security situation in the Union Territory and terrorist activities have been controlled to a great extent.Historic ‘Poonch Link-up Day’ On the sidelines of a program organized on the occasion of Platinum Jubilee, Lieutenant General Dwivedi said, “There are about 300 terrorists present in Jammu and Kashmir, but we are ensuring that they are not able to do any activity.”

Asked about the number of terrorists present in Pakistan looking to infiltrate, Lt Gen Dwivedi said around 160 terrorists are present across the Line of Control – 130 north of Pir Panchal (Kashmir Valley) and 30 south of Pir Panchal Terrorists are involved. “As per our data, 82 Pakistani terrorists and 53 local terrorists are active in the hinterland, while another 170 unidentified terrorists have criminal activities of concern,” he said.

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