Man Guiding 18 Wheeler Truck Into Parking Spot Without Being In It See Viral Video

The person was putting the car in the parking lot without sitting in the truck, people were stunned to see the amazing talent

The person was putting the car in the parking lot without sitting in the truck

Every time you park a car or a large vehicle, you do this very carefully. Everyone knows that larger vehicles require more care than regular sized cars. While parking a large car or truck in a public parking lot, one is always careful. However, a video of a truck driver’s extraordinary parking talent has gone viral online. Seeing whom everyone is surprised.

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In the video, the driver can be seen standing outside the truck, controlling the steering wheel while doing the right parking job. Even in the middle of the video, the person bends down under the door of the truck.

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Nearly 5 million people have watched the video. As implied by the subject of the video, social media users were in awe of its power as they couldn’t stop commenting on it.

One user wrote, “It looks cool but it’s definitely not practical. It’s working for an empty parking lot.” In contrast to previous responses, one user wrote: “As a truck driver, Let me tell you why it is not so difficult. Trucks have a thing called “creep mode” which holds the truck at about 3 mph during your back up.

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