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Nagaland minister Temjen Imna Along is becoming famous for his humorous posts

Nagaland minister Temjen Imna Along is known for posting interesting posts on social media while displaying his wonderful sense of humour. His posts laced with humour, present contemporary issues from a different perspective. Not only this, sometimes Along does not miss to make scathing comments on himself. On Sunday, this minister of Nagaland shared his photo on the official Twitter account. He captioned it, “Somebody had said the truth that…the hand should be long! Rest all of you must be sensible.”

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In the photo, Along is seen moving towards another person by raising his hand. This tweet has been taken hand in hand on social media. More than 17 thousand people have liked it while it has been retweeted more than 750 times. Some users have also made interesting comments regarding this. A user wrote, “Your tweets reflect your sense of humour. Superb sir…wishing and praying for your victory in the coming elections.” Another wrote, “You are the cutest politician sir, And I hope you don’t lose it because of your chosen profession… If I were a registered voter in your constituency, I would definitely vote for you… Wish you all the best for your success…” Another wrote, “Your sense of humor and witty nature sets you apart from other leaders.”

Let me tell you, a few days ago, another post full of sense of humor by Along went viral, in which people were forced to laugh. Along had shared a single photo of himself with his Twitter handle. In this, the minister of Nagaland is seen looking away from the camera with folded hands. Even though the minister is still unmarried, he often keeps taking jibes on this matter on social media. With this photo of his, he wrote in the caption of the post, giving a funny message to all the ‘singles’, ‘Freedom is a gift that is not for everyone. Let us cherish our day..Hail singles!’

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