Pakistan : People Chase Wheat Truck Amid Food Crisis

There is acute shortage of wheat flour in many parts of Pakistan.

A video has surfaced from Pakistan, which shows the deepening food crisis there. In this video, a group of people on two-wheelers are seen chasing a vehicle. This video is being shared a lot on social media. Professor Sajjad Raja, chairman of National Equality Party JKGBL, while sharing the video on Twitter said that people are chasing a truck carrying wheat.

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He wrote in the tweet, “This is not a motorcycle rally, people in Pakistan are chasing a truck carrying wheat flour. These people are chasing only one bag of flour. People of Jammu and Kashmir should open their eyes. Lucky are not Pakistanis and are free to decide about their future. Is there any future with them.”

It can be seen in the video that as soon as the truck stops, the bike riders run towards the truck waving notes. A youth managed to get a bag of flour, after which the truck was immediately surrounded by other people.

According to the report of news agency ANI, Pakistan is facing food crisis very badly.

According to local media reports, there is acute shortage of wheat flour in many parts of the country. Since last week, flour prices have skyrocketed in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh and Balochistan provinces. A packet of flour is being sold for 3000 Pakistani rupees.

The people of Pakistan are blaming Islamabad and the POK government for this food crisis. As per ANI report, the government supply of subsidized wheat has almost completely stopped and the prices of other essential commodities are also skyrocketing.

According to the report of Pakistani newspaper Dawn, on Saturday in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, the police lathi-charged the crowd. The mob surrounded a truck carrying bags of subsidized wheat flour, threw stones at its driver, and then attacked the police.

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