People Furious Over The Notice To The Delivery Agents Not To Use The Lift

People angry over notice prohibiting delivery agents from using lift, photo viral

People are expressing their displeasure over this notice posted in the society.

In any housing society, it is common for people to come for the delivery of food and other goods and to deliver the goods to people’s homes using the lift. However, a notice preventing food and other goods delivery people from using lift in a housing society has become quite viral on social media, for which people are expressing a lot of displeasure. Some people have called it discrimination. IAS Avnish Sharan has shared the picture of this notice on Twitter.

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It has been said in this notice that apart from the people living here, no one is allowed to use its lift. It has specifically barred “Swiggy, Zomato and other delivery people” from using Lyft. Sharing the picture, Sharan wrote, “No caption.”

The post has garnered over 18,000 likes since being shared. Since the notice was tweeted, internet users are expressing their displeasure about it. Many people have said that the people living here should have the courtesy to come downstairs themselves to take their orders. At the same time, some users wrote, “This is discrimination.”

One user said, “Can you use a ladder to deliver food or delivery bags to the 20th floor? Wondering, no… Just because they need this job, doesn’t mean you can benefit from it.” Will pick up. They are human too and if any society wants then increase in its cost can be easily managed.”

Another said, “Swiggy, Zomato and other delivery guys should start charging customers extra according to their floor if they don’t allow them to use the lift or ask the occupants to take their special flight.” Come downstairs using the lifts and collect your own belongings from the Society Gate.”

At the same time, a user has also revealed that this notice has been put up in a housing society in Delhi.

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