Sangeeta Bijlani Salman Khan’s Ex Girlfriend Attacked By Birds During Photoshoot Video Viral

Birds attacked Salman Khan's ex-girlfriend Sangeeta Bijlani during a photo shoot, video went viral

Sangeeta Bijlani’s video went viral

New Delhi :

Sangeeta Bijlani has been a famous Bollywood actress in her time. In her time, Sangeeta was also known for her strong acting and beauty. Even today, the actress leaves behind today’s young generation actresses with her style and glamour. Sangeeta Bijlani has also been the ex-girlfriend of Salman Khan. According to media reports, both of them were about to get married, but for some reason the talk stopped while coming to the wedding. A new video of Sangeeta Bijlani is going viral, in which she is seen doing a photoshoot very beautifully wearing a red dress. But during this something happens to her that the actress screams.

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In the video you can see Sangeeta Bijlani getting photoshoot done in a red colored satin outfit. The actress is getting the photoshoot done very comfortably sitting under the open sky at a high place. A flock of birds is also hovering over them. During the shoot, a bird attacks Sangeeta Bijlani’s leg, due to which the actress panics and she screams. People’s reactions are also coming on this video of Sangeeta Bijlani.

This video of Sangeeta Bijlani has been shared from the official Insta handle of Woompla. Commenting on the video, a user has written, ‘If it falls down, then the whole style will go away’. So there another has written, ‘Why the attack brother. Touched on the bus. While another writes, ‘Birds are very good with fake actors’.

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