Sun Transit 2022 Date Sun Will Enter Sagittarius The Luck Of These Zodiac Signs Can Shine

Sun Transit 2022 Date: Sun God will enter in Sagittarius, the luck of these zodiac signs can shine!

Surya Gochar 2022 Date: Sun God is going to transit in Sagittarius.

Surya Transit 2022 Date: In Vedic astrology, Sun is considered to be the factor of the soul. Along with this, there is also a factor of a person’s dignity, self-respect, ego and career. It is said that Sun controls our dedication, stamina, vitality, will power, respect and ability to lead etc. Apart from this, it is a karaka planet for father, government, king and high officials. According to astrology, Sun God is going to transit in Sagittarius on December 16 at 9.38 am. In astrology, Sagittarius is considered to be the sign of the element of fire. This transit of Sun is going to prove auspicious for some zodiac signs. Let us know that on the day of Sun transit in December, the fortunes of zodiac signs can change.

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Effect of Surya Gochak on zodiac signs. Effect of Surya Gochak on zodiac signs

Aries- This transit of Sun will give auspicious effect for Aries people. Sun will enter the 9th house of this zodiac. As a result of which travel will be beneficial. Along with this, luck will rise during the period of transit. There will be improvement in education. There will be a chance of sudden financial gain from a partner. Relationships will be proposed for unmarried people.

Crab- The transit of Sun is going to prove auspicious for Cancer. Sun is going to transit in the sixth house of this zodiac. In such a situation, victory over the enemies can be achieved during this period. The economic side will remain strong in the family. Along with this, the decision of legal marriage will come in favor. Those who are competitive students can get success. From the point of view of health, this zodiac change of Sun is going to prove auspicious.

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Virgo- The transit of Sun is considered auspicious for Virgo. Sun is going to transit in the fourth house of this zodiac. During this, household life will be a bit busy. Along with this, there can be many benefits in business. Will get financial benefit from parents.

Scorpio Sun is going to transit in the 10th house of this zodiac. In such a situation, communication skills will improve during the period of Sun transit. Along with this, the family members will get support during this time. Will get the support of people in the family. Government employees can get special benefits during this period.

Aquarius- Sun is the lord of the seventh house for the people of Aquarius. During this transit, it is going to transit in your 11th house i.e. house of income, profit, desire, elder brother, sister and uncle. During this, you will get full support of your paternal family and elder siblings. Also, the relationship with the spouse will be sweet and you can also go on a dream destination with them.

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