Top Doctor Lashing Out West Bengal Government Over Adenovirus Spreading Among Children In State

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  • So far 44 deaths due to adenovirus in Bengal.
  • There is no medicine or treatment to treat the virus.
  • Children aged 2-5 years are more at risk of infection.


‘Adenovirus’ disease is wreaking havoc in West Bengal these days. In the last six hours, four more children admitted in a hospital in Kolkata have died. The death toll of children (Adenovirus in West Bengal) has now gone up to 44. Meanwhile, Dr. Manas Gumta, general secretary of the Association of Health Service Doctors, has targeted the West Bengal government over the adenovirus disease spreading among children. Dr. Manas Gumta has accused the Mamta Banerjee government of West Bengal of downplaying the number of deaths due to infection with this virus.

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In a conversation with news agency ANI, Dr. Manas Gumta said, “We have seen this earlier also during the time of Kovid. The government is not completely transparent in reporting the number of deaths due to adenovirus.” He also said that infections caused by adeno or covid are “notified internationally”. This means that the government or the World Health Organization is responsible for reporting it.

Dr. Gumta also said that the preparations made by the West Bengal government to deal with the spread of this virus are inadequate. This clearly shows that the state government has not learned any lesson from the Kovid epidemic. He said, ‘The preparation of the West Bengal government is insufficient. Earlier in the time of Kovid many people died due to lack of preparedness of the government. The crisis of oxygen cylinder had arisen. There was a shortage of ambulances. Medicines and the Critical Care Unit (CCU) ward had all come under pressure. He said, “Now after Kovid, adenovirus has come. The government has still not told us about those preparations.”

Children aged 2-5 years are more at risk of infection
In children, adenovirus usually causes infection in the respiratory tract and intestinal tract. According to doctors, children of 0-2 years of age are at the highest risk of getting infected by it. At the same time, children aged 2-5 years are at a higher risk of infection. The risk of infection is less in children of 5-10 years or above.

How does adenovirus spread and symptoms
The general symptoms of adenovirus are flu-like. These include cold, fever, breathing problems, sore throat, pneumonia and acute bronchitis. The virus can spread through skin contact, through the air by coughing and sneezing, and through the faeces of an infected person. Till now there is no special medicine or special treatment for the treatment of the virus.

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