UP: Teacher Went Away After Locking The Classroom, The Girl Was Imprisoned Inside, Pulled Out After Hours

UP: Teacher went away after locking the classroom, the girl was imprisoned inside, pulled out after hours

New Delhi:

A video of a school in Uttar Pradesh is becoming very viral on social media these days. It is seen in this video how the teacher has locked the girl in the classroom and gone to her home. In the video, the girl is crying and telling that her teacher has left her inside and locked the classroom from the front. Can’t get out because of this. The whole matter is of Sanvilian Segda Peer School of Gulavathi block located in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh.

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As soon as the video of the girl locked in the classroom went viral, the administration swung into action and hurriedly took the girl out by asking for the key to the lock of the classroom. Since the incident, the parents of the girl child have been demanding action against the accused teacher.

In the video going viral, the girl is crying because of being locked in the classroom. The person recording the video is seen explaining to the girl that you do not worry, I will take you out. At the same time, he asked the girl to sit away from the sun. It is seen in the video that the classroom where the girl is locked is locked outside. The rooms inside the school are also closed and apart from this girl there is no one else in the school. As soon as the information about the video went viral, the local police reached the spot and they took out the girl by opening the lock of the classroom.

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