What Did The Friend Of The Accused Say In Shraddha Murder Case

Shraddha Murder:

Police engaged in gathering evidence


shraddha murder case has scared everyone. The brutality with which the accused murdered his live-in partner, people’s hearts trembled upon hearing about it. Everyday new revelations are happening in this matter. Now Aftab’s friend Shashank Modi has given his reaction on this matter. Aftab’s friend told that when he saw this about Aftab on TV on the first day, he himself was shocked that what has he done? He has done very wrong. Everything has a solution, even if there is a quarrel with someone, the problem is solved only by talking.

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Taking his point further, Shashank said that I am a friend of Aftab, but I also demand that he should be punished severely and his decision should come as soon as possible whether he should be hanged or life imprisonment. His parents had told Shashank a few days ago that the flat was to be given on rent. But nothing was told about why to give. Despite this, their economic condition is good. As soon as everyone in this building heard this everyone was shocked, he spoiled the name of the whole building.

However, Shashank also said that he had never seen Shraddha with Aftab. While praising Aftab’s family, he said that they are very good people. Had a good talk with him too. People in his family were also very educated. In such a situation, as soon as people heard this, everyone was surprised. Everyone says that what he did, he should not have done it at all. In such a situation, the government should take the strictest action against him.

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