What Is XBB.1.5, The Most Transmissible Covid Subvariant Yet – XBB.1.5: The fastest spreading variant of Corona, found in 38 countries so far; Know – all about it

What is the new variant of Corona found in America?
The new variant of Corona found in America has been named XBB.1.5. It is made from the reunion of two variants of Corona. When two corona variants named BJ1 and BM1.1.1 met together, then the DNA ie genetic material of both of them got combined. This led to XBB. Then the XBB variant mutated i.e. changed its form and became XBB1. It then mutated with G2502V, after which it became the XBB.1.5 variant.

How many cases so far?
According to the CDC’s variant tracker, the sub-variant was first detected in the US in October. The World Health Organization said in a rapid risk assessment on Wednesday that 38 countries have reported XBB.1.5 cases, of which 82 percent were in the US, 8 percent in Britain and 2 percent in Denmark. The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) said on Friday that its model suggests that XBB.1.5 could become the dominant strain in Europe in a month or two.

How does this variant harm the body?
After entering our body, this virus first affects the protein (HACE receptor) of the cell. This is the first stage of spreading the infection inside the body. The ability of this virus to stick to the cell is more than other variants. This is the reason that it infects more and more people. This sub-variant affects more on the upper part of the chest. Unlike delta, it does not directly affect the lunges.

Why is it being called so dangerous?
This variant is so dangerous as compared to other variants because it spreads infection by neutralizing the vaccination and naturally made anti-bodies in our body. Not only this, this infection spreads in our body 104 times faster than all the variants till now. So far we do not have any such vaccine or immunity which can protect us from the infection of this virus.

Will the vaccine not affect this?
All the vaccines made in the world have only 30 to 40 percent ability to protect against corona virus infection. Most of the vaccine was made to protect people from the first variant alpha virus of corona, but since then till now the corona virus has changed its form many times. However, some vaccines have been updated to protect against the BA5 sub-variant. The vaccine is ineffective on this new sub-variant. However, scientists are doing research to break this sub-variant.

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