Woman Became Victim Of Beauty Parlor Stroke After Hair Wash In Salon, Know What It Is

Woman turned after hair wash in salon

While washing the hair with shampoo, the neck was placed on the wash-basin, which caused pressure

Going to the salon turned out to be a nightmare for a 50-year-old woman from Hyderabad. The woman suffered a stroke while washing her hair before getting her haircut. According to the woman’s doctor, she suffered a stroke when bending her neck while washing her hair put pressure on a vital blood vessel supplying the brain. The woman’s neurologist Dr. Sudhir Kumar shared this information on Twitter and wrote, “While washing her hair with shampoo in a beauty parlor, the woman initially felt dizzy, nauseated and experienced vomiting.”

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“Initially, she was taken to a gastroenterologist, who treated her. Symptoms didn’t improve, and she developed a mild incontinence while walking the next day. She was referred to me for an opinion. She was mildly right- There were cerebellar symptoms. MRI brain revealed a myocardial infarction in the right posterior inferior cerebellar region. MR angiogram revealed left vertebral hypoplasia”

The doctor further informed that this can happen due to turning the neck towards the wash-basin while washing the hair with shampoo. However, after the treatment, the woman has recovered.

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“Beauty parlor stroke syndrome”, was first mentioned by Dr. Michael Weintraub in 1993 in the Journal of the American Medical Association, when five women developed severe neurological symptoms after shampooing at a hair salon. Complaints included severe dizziness, loss of balance and numbness of the face. Four out of five had suffered a stroke. The Guardian published this in an article published in 2016.

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