Woman Delivers Baby Just After 48 Hours Of Finding Out About Pregnancy

The woman gave birth to a child only 48 hours after the pregnancy was detected

The woman felt that her fatigue was related to the stress of the job. (symbolic picture)

America (US) A couple were shocked when they had their first child only 48 hours after they learned of becoming parents. Peyton Stower, 23, a first-year teacher in Omaha, went to the doctor after experiencing symptoms including fatigue. He felt it was related to job stress. He told KETV, “I thought it was normal to be tired all the time. However, when she started noticing changes in her body, such as swelling in her legs, her doctor told her that a baby was coming.”

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“He did the test again, did the ultrasound and looked at the screen and said, ‘You’re definitely pregnant,'” Ms. Stover recalled.

He had received the news of the baby along with the news of several medical problems. Speaking to the outlet, Ms. Stover said that her kidney and liver stopped working properly, following which doctors were alerted. According to the New York Post, Stover’s boyfriend told KETV “he said she needed to be admitted and then that night she had a baby,”

Doctors revealed that Ms Stover had preeclampsia – a pregnancy condition that can lead to serious complications. High blood pressure and damage to any other organ system are its symptoms.

Medical experts told that in an emergency, a C-section will have to be done so that the mother and child can be saved. Miss Strover says that she was very scared. She gave birth to a boy. He was named Kash. He was already 10 weeks old and weighed only 4 pounds.

The couple said that they wanted a child one day, so they were happy that finally that day had come. Strover says, now I carry her in my lap, give her milk, it’s true. He really is mine.”

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