You will be lost seeing the view of this beautiful train made of wooden boat, people said ‘mind blowing’ after watching VIDEO

Nothing can be better than a calm river current and a romantic evening to spend a few moments of relaxation. The view of a beautifully decorated evening in the stream of the river wins the heart and if you have someone special with you in this evening, then its beauty increases even more. Recently, in a video going viral on social media, you can see the view of such a beautiful evening. Seeing the wooden boat in the middle of the river stream and the couples sitting on it, you will also get lost in that scene.

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In this video shared by an account named Morissa Schwartz on Twitter, you can see couples sitting under a bright yellow umbrella. Looking at this scene, it looks as if a beautiful train has been decorated with a wooden boat. Seeing this train with boat, you too will definitely feel like riding it once. Apart from these boats running in the river, the banks of the river are also looking very beautifully decorated.

Standing in the middle of this boat train, some people are seen rowing. At the same time, couples immersed in love are also seen sitting on the boat, who are seen enjoying this moment. This video has got about 8 thousand views on Twitter. While watching this video, people are commenting like mind blowing and beautiful. At the same time, while making a funny comment, a user called it a satellite of Alan Mask.

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