Zomato Asks Customers To Stop Giving This Cooking Instruction See Viral Post

Zomato appealed to the customers, said- Please stop writing on every order, 'Brother make good food'...

Zomato appealed to the customers, said- Please stop writing on every order, ‘Brother make good food’…

Most of us like our food cooked a certain way- some of us like it extra spicy, others want to customize it according to their taste buds. Understanding the needs of users, many food aggregators have introduced a ‘cooking instructions’ section before placing an order. It not only helps the customer to get their favorite taste but also avoids negative feedback to the restaurant. While most people write in about being allergic to certain food items or not liking a particular vegetable, Zomato has now revealed the most common cooking instructions.

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In a tweet, the food delivery platform said that the most common instruction was, “Bhaiya achha banane”. “Friends please stop writing ‘bhaiya acha banana’ as cooking instructions,” she wrote on the microblogging website with a face palm emoji.

The witty post invited a lot of reactions from internet users and has been viewed over 3 lakh times and garnered 6 thousand likes.

An irate user wrote, “What to write then? Isn’t this against freedom of expression? Our fundamental right?”

Another user wrote, “Reminds me of those engineering guys who used to write the marks required to pass on the answer sheets because of less than 15 marks in internals.”

A third user wrote, “Please stop asking for cooking instructions. Humko woh food items banane aate toh @zomato pe thodi order karte karte bhai.”

The fourth person said, “I can imagine my mother doing this if she knew how to order on Zomato.”

One wrote, ‘Zomato please stop taking extra money in the name of delivery and tax charges.’

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